In typical Minnesota fashion, a midday snow storm led to chaos on Minnesota roadways. So much so that a semi-trailer had jackknifed itself over an embankment last week as it was leaving the Rapid Packaging warehouse parking lot blocking all traffic coming in and going out. It was 3 pm and a tow truck was 1-2 hours out. Two trailers sat idle in the parking lot waiting for a tow truck to arrive while trailers coming in were rescheduling their pickups and drop-offs for the next day.

One trailer coming in was a rush pickup for a customer. This trailer needed to be loaded in order to make the customer’s deadline. After assessing the situation, Marshall Dean, who works in the Rapid Packaging warehouse, took matters into his own hands. He loaded a forklift with the customer’s product and headed out of the dock doors, down the loading ramp for a ¼ mile trek through the snow. He narrowly snuck through an opening past the jackknifed trailer and was able to load the awaiting semi.

“Our winning formula at Rapid Packaging is our combination of passion for producing the best possible outcomes for our customers and our entire team’s commitment to excellence,” says Phil Milne, CEO and Co-Owner at Rapid Packaging. Thanks to some behind-the-scenes quick thinking, the shipment was delivered intact and on time to the customer. Marshall’s quick actions were recognized at the company’s Town Hall meeting making him likely recipient for this quarters Above & Beyond Award.

Great work Marshall!