Rapid Packaging started as a poly bag supplier in 1976. Beyond standard poly bags, such as machinable poly bags, trash liners, pallet and furniture covers, we also provide custom and stock poly bags for a variety of retail packaging applications. Polyethylene bags come in a variety of thicknesses and rigidity so they can be used for everything from produce, such as bags for apples that you see in the produce section, to resealable stand-up poly bags commonly used for items such as grass seed or bird seed.

As a produce package, polyethylene bags are the lowest cost packaging option when compared to mesh or netting bags. Our produce poly bags can be hand-filled or run on automated filling equipment. We can provide many options including vent holes, options to hang on wickets, a dual sided poly bag with a mesh side for added ventilation, and printing capabilities for product branding, UPC, and bar codes.

Poly bags are an attractive and convenient option for retail packaging because of their clarity and ability to showcase brilliant printed color. These poly bags are also great to use as a barrier to protect products that are placed in other packaging and shipping materials. Lightweight yet durable,  poly bags are an excellent choice for packaging a variety of products.

What have a large inventory of plain stock bags including, but not limited to:

  • Flat bags
  • Gusseted bags
  • Re-closeable zip lock bags

Custom Poly Bags Рprint up to 10 colors. Minimums do apply.

  • Retail bags
  • Food bags
  • Security bags
  • Heavy-duty bags

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polyethylene bag for potatoes