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If you have invested time and money into automating your packaging needs, make sure you have the right parts and service support to keep you going! With the convenience of having parts, service, and supplies all in one place, Rapid Packaging is your one-stop packaging supplier from start to finish. With a dedicated service team, you can trust you’ll have an industry-experienced team to work on a variety of your end-of-line packaging equipment and integrated automated equipment. Availability is important and our full-time, highly trained technicians are ready to perform in-house or onsite service, repairs, preventative maintenance, equipment refurbishing, installations, training, and phone support to make sure your company keeps running at full speed.

Rapid Packaging - Gabe Olson

Quality of service is not what you put into it. It’s what your customers get out of it.

Gabe Olson, Parts & Service Coordinator since 1996


Are you looking for a specific part for your piece of equipment? Contact Rapid Packaging directly to get the part you are searching for! While we don’t advertise every brand on the market, we can source parts for nearly any brand or model for the packaging equipment you may have:

  • Shrink wrappers/tunnels, L-bars, and sealers
  • Stretch wrapping and pallet wrapping equipment
  • Case sealers and tapers
  • Case erectors, formers, and cartoners
  • Strapping and banding equipment
  • And much more.

Rapid Packaging Parts

What Do You Need Help With?

Email us with the equipment manufacturer, model and the requested part(s) or service needed and we’ll be happy to assist with a price quote. Or you can speak to one of our service reps Monday – Friday, 8 am-5 pm CST for fast, friendly service for all of your parts and service needs.