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A safe shipment requires confidence that your pallet load is properly and securely contained. When the right stretch film is used, you can maximize your pre-stretch capabilities to reduce your total load cost.

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Here are a few ways you can optimize on your stretch film.

Stretch Film Options from Rapid Packaging

Down Gauging

When it comes to stretch film, 70% of the films we test could be performing better. Down gauging your film can result in a more efficiently wrapped load which will drive down cost.

Less Changeovers

Choosing the right stretch film can help with optimizing your yield level, resulting in more wrapped loads per roll and less downtime from change overs.

Cast vs Blown

When you’re deciding on cast vs blown stretch film, it’s important to understand how each performs and what the pros and cons are for each type of film.

Cast Film: Superior optics allows for a clear scannable load, quiet unwind, designed for all load types

Blown Film: Excellent puncture resistance, designed for dusty or cold environments, hazy/cloudy tint


What type of stretch film is right for your application?

Hand Wrap Vs. Machine Wrap

Hand Wrap: Pre-stretch hand wrap vs conventional hand wrap.

Machine Wrap: High performance machine vs low performance machine (difference in gauge).

Hand Wrap vs. Machine Wrap Stretch Film

Tinted / Opaque

Privacy protected films are useful when you need to transport valuable products. These films help with concealing the identity of the products, protecting them from potential damage of UV rays, and are great for color-coding pallets.

Irregular Loads

Irregular or unstable loads are important to take into consideration when you’re choosing the right stretch film. These loads usually require a high-performance stretch film.

Stretch Film Challenges

A, B, C Loads – What Load Type Do You Have?

One of the many challenges of picking the right stretch film is knowing what load type you have. Identifying this information will help specify the gauge, style, and pre-stretch your load requires.

Stretch Film - A, B, or C Load

Load Containment – Are Your Pallet Loads Failing During Transit? Are you Using More Stretch Film that you Need to?

Load containment is the force or pressure that stretch film uses to hold your pallet together. It ensures that your pallet loads will safely transport from point A to point B. Your load’s weight and stability will determine the amount of containment force needed.

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