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From the smallest parts bag to a reusable retail tote bag to a large specialty bag, let our experts create an environmentally friendly packaging solution specific to your needs!

Over A Million Sandbags In-Stock

Rapid Packaging is an industry-leading provider of commercial grade sandbags used for flooding, erosion control, highway & DOT construction, pipeline, agricultural industries, and much more. Whether a natural disaster, military need, or construction side demand, Rapid Packaging’s sandbags will stand up to your toughest challenges.

Our entire sandbag product line is competitively priced to save you money and our in-stock selection of over a million sandbags ready to ship same-day make Rapid Packaging your reliable source for nearly any large quantity order at anytime.

High UV White Sandbags and Tube Sandbags

High UV White Sandbags and Tube Sandbags

  • Ideal for flood water control, barricades, and erosion control with maximum UVI protection
  • Dense, tightly woven polypropylene that resists punctures, tears, and can hold any dry substance
  • Available sizes include: 14” x 26 with built-in ties, 14” x 20”, 18” x 30”, 19″ x 30″, 24” x 40”, 30” x 45”, and 12” x 36” tube sandbags
High UV Orange Sandbags and Barrier Sandbags

High UV Orange Sandbags and Barrier Sandbags

  • High visibility orange is great for highway use with maximum UVI protection
  • Dense, tightly woven polypropylene that resists punctures, tears, and can hold any dry substance
  • Available sizes include 14” x 26” and 18” x 27” barricade sandbags with built-in ties
Heavy-Weight High UV Gold Sandbags

Heavy-Weight High UV Gold Sandbags

  • Durable for high UV/high sun environments, lasting up to 3x longer
  • Made from heavy-weight, tightly woven polypropylene with a galvanized wire tie
  • Available in: 14” x 26” or 17” x 29”
  • Reusable to cut costs, sandbag replacement, and is the lowest priced heavy-weight gold sandbag on the market!
Burlap Sandbags

Burlap Sandbags

  • Made from 10 oz. burlap fabric with tie string
  • Environmentally friendly, biodegradable
  • Available in: 14″ x 26″
Why Choose Rapid Packaging as Your Sandbag Supplier?

Woven polypropylene bags are both durable and economical. The tightly woven polypropylene strips create a light, yet extremely strong and tear resistant material. All of our tie string sandbags include UV resin to protect against deterioration. While there are different ways of rating UV protection, UV beyond 3% doesn’t mean it will last longer. In fact, excess UV protection can have deteriorating and diminishing return on the lifespan of the bag.

Our UV bags come from select manufacturing plants where the UV is consistently added to the resin resulting in much better control of the UV and a more quality bag with a longer lifespan. Our white and orange sandbags come with a standard tie string. Our Heavy-Weight High UV Gold Sandbags used for premium construction applications come with a galvanized wire tie that helps support a longer lifespan over the traditional tie string.

In-Stock, Custom, and Unique Design Options

Custom Bag Orders Start at Just 1,000 Piece Minimums! Let the Berg Bag design experts assist in customizing your personalized woven polypropylene sandbag! Bag styles come in circular, L-seam, and back seam. Bag options are nearly endless with unlimited size options, construction options, plain or printed, ultra violet inhibitor options, and easy open options.

Contact us today for a free, no hassle quote on your sandbag supply for your construction, DOT, traffic maintenance, or flood relief inventory.

In-stock sandbags are sold in 500 piece increments. In-stock sizes include:

  • White – 14 x 20, 14 x 26, 18 x 30, 19 x 30, 24 x 40, 30 x 45, 12 x 36
  • White High UV with Tie – 14 x 26
  • Orange High UV with Tie – 14 x 26, 18 x 27
  • Gold High UV – 14 x 26, 17 x 29

Why Choose Rapid Packaging

Product Bags and Packaging
Rapid Packaging keeps a large inventory of in-stock options to fulfill your stock needs in a pinch. We know that supply concerns are among the top pain-points for our end users and are working tirelessly to keep inventory levels up. On top of that, we have fantastic relationships with our manufacturing partners and can specifically design a custom bag for your product and/or application. Global supply chains have been greatly strained by the pandemic, so ask us about lead times.

Full Spectrum Agriculture Supplier
Rapid Packaging isn’t just a packaging supplier, we carry a full spectrum of agriculture produce bags. We can be your one stop shop from the farm and/or production facility to the consumer store.

Produce Bag Experts
Our staff has been serving this industry for many years and is extremely knowledgeable across the entire produce bag spectrum. We don’t just sell these bags – we visit our customers’ facilities, look for solutions, and apply our knowledge in the products we distribute. We will work with you and your team to find the right bag for your product and application.

Let Us Know How We Can Help!

Email us with the equipment manufacturer, model and the requested part(s) or service needed and we’ll be happy to assist with a price quote. Or you can speak to one of our service reps Monday – Friday, 8 am-5 pm CST for fast, friendly service for all of your parts and service needs.