Sustainable Packaging

Lower your environmental impact by cutting down usage and choosing environmentally friendly alternatives.

To ensure you meet your sustainability goals, Rapid Packaging is committed to offering the most sustainable solutions for your unique packaging needs. You can partner with Rapid Packaging to explore numerous opportunities for sustainability.

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Sustainable Packaging

Lower Your Environmental Impact by Decreasing Usage With Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Sustainability is not a “one size fits all” solution. Optimize your packaging to reduce waste and the amount of material used to advance your sustainability initiatives.

Custom Corrugated Boxes

Reduce the amount of excess material used with custom corrugated boxes.

Containment Tests

Cut down your film usage by performing a containment test for your stretch film. Containment tests allow you to identify how much stretch film is necessary to guarantee safe and damage-free transportation of goods.

Air Pillows

Pack with air instead of product. Air pillows are filled with air and use less plastic than other void fill options.

Poly Bags

You can impact your plastic volumes with your poly bags. Advances in resin additives offer thinner poly bags with just as durable capabilities as thicker poly bags, reducing the mil thickness and ultimately reducing total weight.

Multi-walled paper bags

Save space during shipping with multi-walled paper bags, allowing more products to fit and fewer trucks to reduce the amount of carbon created in the shipping process. They can be folded, flattened, and condensed to save space in your warehouse.

The Environmentally Friendly Alternatives.

Eco-friendly paper options are a recyclable and biodegradable alternative.

Water Activated Paper Tape

Reduce the amount of tape needed to seal and secure boxes with a sustainable option, replacing plastic packaging tape with water activated paper tape.

Multi-Walled Paper Bags

Multiwall paper bags are biodegradable and recyclable, making them a perfect eco-friendly alternative to plastic.

Label Printing

Eliminate the use of plastic sticker waste, and print the labels directly on your packaging.

Paper Void Fill

Paper void fill options are a biodegradable and recyclable alternative to plastic void fill.

Partner with Supplier Implementing Sustainability Initiatives.

Reduce your environmental impact by sourcing through suppliers implementing their sustainable efforts. Use every available option to source, design, and develop packaging solutions to achieve minimal environmental impact with Rapid Packaging.

Sustainable Partnerships

Partner alongside leading manufacturers and suppliers who prioritize sustainable practices to help with any of your sustainable goals.


Pregis’ mission is to reduce damaged and wasted products to lower the environmental impacts of the fuel and energy used for returns.

intertape polymer group

IPG has been awarded the 2022 Energy Star Partner of the Year, an award that distinguishes corporate energy management programs; this is their fifth time receiving this honor. IPG has also made efforts to adopt the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG 6), access to water and sanitation.


3M has participated in projects to protect threatened ecosystems, support local economies, enhance livelihood, and promote science-based environmental education.

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