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Shrink Wrap Film

High-quality shrink films are available to give your product the best retail-ready package at a great cost. There are many options and customizations to consider, and we have shrink film specialists available to recommend the best product for your application.

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How can you optimize your shrink wrap film?

Re-sizing roll width / length

Reevaluating your shrink roll width and length can help minimize your cost per roll and decrease the amount of changeovers required with a shorter roll length.

Down Gauging

Decrease your cost per package by down gauging your shrink wrap. Often times higher gauge films can be optimized with a high-performing shrink film.

Pre-Perforated Film

It’s important that your wrapped product gets the right amount of air during the shrinking process. Pre-perforated shrink film will allow the air to escape more easily from the packaging being sealed quickly to make a perfect package.


What type of shrink film is right for your application?

Ecommerce Applications

Shrinkwrapping is becoming more and more popular in eCommerce applications. Many reasons affect both the business and its consumers, why shrink film is impacting packaging goods.

Benefits for Consumers

  • Consumers can see what they’re buying
  • Creates a clean look
  • Tamper evident
  • Easy disposal

Benefits for Businesses

  • Cost effective
  • Maximize brand impact
  • Allow for bundling or co-branding
  • Enhances shelf appeal

Shrink Wrap Film Applications

Types of Shrink Film

1. Polyolefin (POF):

  • The most commonly used shrink film
  • It offers an excellent balance of shrink characteristics, sealing properties, and heat resistance
  • The best option for food application. Polyolefin shrink film is FDA approved.

2. Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)

  • The best film used for candles and soaps
  • It offers good optical and shrink characteristics

3. Polyethylene (PE):

  • Used for shrink bundling
  • Offers ideal optics for customized printing

4. Polypropylene (BOPP):

  • Used as a barrier film
  • o A low-cost option to creating multi-packs

Types of Shrink Film - Rapid Packaging


What challenges are you experiencing with your shrink film?

I want to become more sustainable.

A lot goes into the right packaging for your products. One very important topic is sustainability. Many end users use corrugate to enclose their products, and although this is recyclable, there are many shrink films out in the market that are also environmentally friendly. Switching to a shrink film can decrease the amount of curbside waste and still meet your sustainability objectives and expectations.

I Am Doing Too Many Re-Wraps.

Creating a beautiful, finished product is important, and many problems can happen during the shrinking process. It is critical to have the right shrink film in place for your application but also to make sure your equipment is adjusted to the correct shrink settings.

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