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Protective Packaging

Protective packaging is essential for keeping products safe during shipping. Protective packaging comes in many different forms, including foam, bubble wrap, paper, and cardboard. The most important function of protective packaging is to cushion the product from impact.

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How can you optimize your protective packaging?

Cost Savings

There are a few different ways to optimize your cost savings when it comes to protective packaging. The most important way is to choose the right protective packaging for your application. Without the right packaging in place, you may experience product loss, excess use of improper packaging, or having an overly complicated packing process.

Block and Brace vs. Wrapping

Knowing the difference between blocking and bracing and wrapping your product can help narrow down what type of protective packaging you should use.

Blocking and Bracing: This method is often used with thick paper cushioning. It helps keep heavy products secure in the box and absorbs any impact while the package is in transit.

Wrapping: This method is often used with foam or bubble products. Since they are flexible enough to wrap around the product, they ensure scratch resistance and help protect fragile products.

Less Changeovers

Choosing the right stretch film can help with optimizing your yield level, resulting in more wrapped loads per roll and less downtime from change overs.


What type of protective packaging is right for your application?

Breakable Product

Privacy protected films are useful when you need to transport valuable products. These films help with concealing the identity of the products, protecting them from potential damage of UV rays, and are great for color-coding pallets.

  • Bubble Wrap
  • Foam
  • Micro-Foam

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Scratch Resistance

Protecting your packaging doesn’t always mean from impact. If you have a product that needs scratch resistant protection, there are many different foam products or surface guards that you can choose from.

  • Micro-Foam
  • Surface Guard Protection

Scratch Resistant Micro-Foam - Rapid Packaging

Heavy Item

Some products require a more supportive type of protective packaging. If you have a heavier product, it’s important they have the proper packaging that can withstand the weight of your product.

Here are a few different packaging options available:

  • Paper Cushioning for Blocking and Bracing
  • Foam in Place
  • Formed Fiber Pulp

Protective Packaging for Heavy Items


Here are a few ways to optimize your void fill.

My Bubble Wrap Takes Up So Much Warehouse Space.

Bubble wrap rolls take up a lot of warehouse space. If space is an issue for you, switching to Bubble on Demand (BOD) could be a great solution. BOD rolls come in multiple rolls per box and are easily transferred onto the air on-demand machine, ready to produce the perfect amount of bubble you need for your package.

Our Company Has A Sustainability Objective, and I need a Product that Meets Those Specifications.

Sustainability is a hot topic and having the right packaging to support your company’s objective is important. If you have a green initiative, there are many paper products and formed fiber pulp that can be a great replacement for plastic protective packaging.

Too Much of my Product is Getting Damaged in Transit.

If you’re experiencing product damage (i.e., breakage, moisture, dust), it may be a good idea to reevaluate your protective packaging. Using the wrong protection inside your package can not only affect your bottom line but also the customer experience.

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