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Void Fill

Void fill not only serves as a filler to ensure your product is protected but can also offer an attractive unboxing experience. Having the knowledge of the different options available will help when making your decision on which void fill to choose and can also impact your overall spend on your packaging.

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Here are a few ways to optimize your void fill.

Void Fill Pack Out

Pack Out

If you’re using air pillows, a pack out is critical when making the decision on which pillow to pick. Often, consumers use pillows smaller and thicker than their packaging may require.

Increasing your pillow size and identifying which pillow thickness you need = a decrease in spend on air pillows and plastic in the environment.

Void Fill Sustainability


Paper void fill is an excellent alternative to plastic and is popular among users with a sustainability objective. Because of its beneficial physical properties, paper can be a great void fill that can absorb shocks during transit offering better protection for breakable products.


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Do I Want Paper or Plastic?

Knowing which void fill to choose can be a difficult decision. Cost is no longer the “most important” factor when picking your packaging. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing between paper and plastic void fill.

Paper Void:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to pack

Air Pillows:

  • Multiple sizes available
  • Branding
  • Small footprint

Do I want paper or plastic void fill? - Rapid Packaging

Hand Packing Vs. Automated - Should I Automate My Void Filling Process?

Here are the top 3 questions you should ask yourself when deciding on an automated void fill system:

  1. Am I using air pillows or paper?
  2. Is my current process affecting my employee’s ergonomics?
  3. How many boxes do I need to pack per minute?

These three questions will help direct you to keep a manual process or switch to an automated one. For more information on our void fill systems, view our systems page HERE.

Hand packing vs automated - Should I automate my void filling process? - Rapid Packaging


Here are a few ways to optimize your void fill.

My Rolls of Bubble Take Up a lot of Warehouse Space.

Often, customers use bubble wrap as their void fill when in fact, it is used as a protective barrier to wrap around your products. The bubble rolls can often take up more space than necessary, but other products on the market can replace your bubble rolls. This will not only save you space, but also cut down costs if you switch to a paper void fill instead.

My Product is Moving Too Much in the Box.

Void fill can help with many different challenges that products might face during transit. One challenge that it can help with is if the product moves around too much in the box. With void fill in place, you can be sure your product will stay put and help avoid some of the impact that occurs during shipment.

Since I Use Paper Fill, My Box Can Look Messy When It’s Opened Up.

Although paper can be a cost-effective way to fill your box and protect your product, air pillows can be a better choice when it comes to the brand experience. Not only can you custom print your logos onto the pillows, but also the clear, sleek appearance of the air pillows creates a clean look for the unboxing experience.

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