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Textile Bags

From the smallest parts bag to a reusable retail tote bag to a large specialty bag, let our experts create an environmentally friendly packaging solution specific to your needs!

Textile Bags for Your Application

Textile Bags, also known as burlap bags or burlap sacks, are almost synonymous with the potato industry. An industry classic they remain popular across the entire agricultural industry. However, as alternative products have entered the market, their popularity has begun waning in recent years.

Textile bag options

  • Burlap bags
  • Cotton Bags (Minimum orders start at 1,000 bags depending on fabric, size, and type of bag.)
  • Open Top
  • Draw String (minimum orders start at 1,000 bags depending on fabric, size, and type of bag.)
  • Tie String
  • Plain or Printed
  • Handle Bag
Stock Textile Bags, Product Options, and Availability

National Bulk Bag can provide generic textile bags on-demand. On top of generic bags, we have the ability to create custom prints. Sold in factors of 500, we have 50lb. and 100lb options.

Our most popular bag is a 50lb. 20” x 31” 7 oz. burlap bag and is sewn closed. The SKU for this bag is BN32C43NF.

Uses and Advantages of Textile Bags

Textile Bags are still a fantastic fit for the potato industry as they allow the product to breath during storage and/or transportation – helping fight off molding and rot. They are 100% biodegradable making them more environmentally friendly than other alternative products.

Common industry applications outside of potatoes include onions, corn, and seed.

Why Choose Rapid Packaging

Product Bags and Packaging
Rapid Packaging keeps a large inventory of in-stock options to fulfill your stock needs in a pinch. We know that supply concerns are among the top pain-points for our end users and are working tirelessly to keep inventory levels up. On top of that, we have fantastic relationships with our manufacturing partners and can specifically design a custom bag for your product and/or application. Global supply chains have been greatly strained by the pandemic, so ask us about lead times.

Full Spectrum Agriculture Supplier
Rapid Packaging isn’t just a packaging supplier, we carry a full spectrum of agriculture produce bags. We can be your one stop shop from the farm and/or production facility to the consumer store.

Produce Bag Experts
Our staff has been serving this industry for many years and is extremely knowledgeable across the entire produce bag spectrum. We don’t just sell these bags – we visit our customers’ facilities, look for solutions, and apply our knowledge in the products we distribute. We will work with you and your team to find the right bag for your product and application.

Let Us Know How We Can Help!

Email us with the equipment manufacturer, model and the requested part(s) or service needed and we’ll be happy to assist with a price quote. Or you can speak to one of our service reps Monday – Friday, 8 am-5 pm CST for fast, friendly service for all of your parts and service needs.