Packaging Automation

We know the thought of packaging automation can be intimidating. Where to start, how to measure your ROI, and, of course, parting with the upfront costs of getting your project off the ground. Fear not! The stigma that automation starts with a $250K investment is not the case!

At Rapid Packaging, we’ve taken the fear of the unknown out of the equation by offering you a selection of packaging solutions with low-cost, high-return, minimal project startups all for under $10k!

Hand Wrapping Versus Machine Wrapping

Hand Wrapping

Reduce Labor and Increase Production by 20% with a Pallet Wrapper
If you’re manually wrapping loads by hand because you think a pallet wrapping machine is too costly, then think again! With just 10 to 15 loads per day, a pallet wrapping machine can be easily justified if you consider the following:

Stretch Wrapping
Hand Wrapping

Film waste

10% pre-stretch

12 loads per hour

Uneven packaging

Tedious and time consuming

Manual labor

Stretch Wrapping

Film savings up to 66%

Up to 300% pre-stretch

55 loads per hour

Professional packaging

Quick and easy

Minimal operator involvement

Even the film savings alone can yield a quick ROI depending on volume. For example, with 20 pallets wrapped per day the film savings alone can yield a return on investment in just 18-months:

Hand WrappingStretch WrappingSavings
Film Cost/Pallet$1.58$0.45$1.13
Film Cost/Day$31.68$9.05$22.63
Film Cost/Week$158.40$45.26$113.14
Film Cost/Year$8,236.80$2,353.37$5,883.43
18-Month Savings$8,825.15

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Avoid the sticker shock with purchasing a new pallet wrapper. Choose from one of our popular options below to get product details and download our budgetary pricing form to get you started.

Labeling Versus Printing

Labeling vs. Printing
Labeling vs. Printing
Ink Jet Printing is 1/10 the Cost of Labeling

Whether you’re hand applying labels or using an automatic labeler, the added cost is all the same. You’re in an endless cycle of paying for additional labor and materials to run a labeler.

Ink jet printers can provide hi-resolution characters, razor-sharp text, scannable bar codes, and great looking logos at 185 dpi – even on corrugated! Ink jet printing directly on corrugated can provide the same readability and scan ability as print and apply labeling. Plus, you can enjoy greater uptime with less product changeover and lower material costs. Ink jetting at 1/10 the cost of labeling gives you a low-cost, high-return option for entry-level automating!

Learn more about ink jet printing from Squid Ink and download a budgetary quote to quickly calculate your ROI by following the links below.

Benefits of Printing Vs Labeling Include:
  • Reduce labor and save on materials
  • Greater uptime with less product changeovers
  • Ink jet on demand; no printing and storing pre-printing labels
  • True variable information – print exactly when product was packaged down to a second!

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Pressure Sensitive Tape Versus Water-Activated Tape

Pressure Sensitive Tape
Water Activated Tape
The "Amazon Effect" Is Real!

Amazon certainly has cracked the code on creating a customer-centric experience that’s taking over the world and has everyone else falling in line. It seems like every-other-day another retailer is closing its doors to the Amazons of the world and other competitors that follow their business model.

You too can get onboard with the “Amazon Effect” by driving down your supply costs, packaging your product more efficiently, and all while delivering your brand and marketing message to your customers doorstep!

When it comes to introducing automation into your business operation, nothing could be simpler than switching to water-activated tape. Consider the benefits:

  • Water-activated tape reduces waste because each piece is the same sized cut
  • Only one pre-measured strip needed to secure each box, reducing material cost
  • Reinforced with crossing fibers will not be affected by extreme hot or cold temperatures
  • Adhesive “welds” to corrugated boxes, reducing shrink and pilferage
  • Recyclable and environmentally kind
  • Add your logo or custom marketing message to drive your brand
  • Save on time and labor at your pack station! Click the BetterPack 555eS link below to see a video example.
  • Learn more about the BetterPack 555eS water-activated taper and download a budgetary quote to quickly calculate your ROI by following the links below.
Paper of Plastic?

Water-Activated Tap (gummed paper tape), only one strip of tape is needed to secure each end of a box versus two or more strips of standard packing tape.

Water-Activated Tape is reinforced with crossing fibers and an adhesive that “welds” to corrugate boxes, reducing shrink and pilferage.

Plus, you can add your logo and custom marketing message to drive your brand!

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