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Whether you’re upgrading your current box packaging line, replacing an old box taper, or are ready to turn your manual hand taping operator into a cost-saving automatic case sealer, we’re here to help you through every step of optimizing your packaging process. Rapid Packaging is an authorized distributor for some of the industry’s top box taping brands including 3M-Matics™, Interpack, Eastey, Combi, Wexxar/BEL, and BestPack.

Case sealers offer cost-cutting and consistent box sealing technology giving you the ability to manage the amount of tape used and the amount of time spent to seal a box. Every operator uses a different amount of tape to hand seal a box – tab lengths, additional passes, double strips, etc. – and the amount of time taken to open a box, seal the bottom, fill the box with product and void-fill, and top seal, can vary from box-to-box. Case sealers offer between 2.25”-2.5” variance in tape usage and can seal 10-15 cases per minute on a uniform machine.

If you’re ready to upgrade your case sealer or are unsure if your package volume will earn a return on your investment, talk to one of our packaging specialists. Each Rapid Packaging sales member averages nearly 20 years in the business and are ready to work with you to provide a solution with maximum return and throughput for your operation. Check out some popular case sealer options below for everything from offline uniform case sealers starting at around $3,500 up to inline fully-automatic random carton sealers starting at around $6,500. Contact us directly for more information.



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