Auto Baggers

sharp packaging systemsRapid Packaging is a proud distributor of Sharp auto baggers for continuous and auto bagging applications. Sharp provides excellent quality and are experts in systems for flexible packaging. Sharp Packaging Systems has a bagging machine for any situation. All machines use non-proprietary, off the shelf parts for ease of maintenance.

• Integrates Videojet thermal transfer over printer, 300 dpi printer head

• Onboard PC with 12″ monitor

• Off-the-shelf parts

Speak to one of our auto bagger specialists for more product information or to discuss your requirements.

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When you’re looking for a semi-automatic bagger, our new, improved SX™ is perfect. Now 10% smaller and 30% lighter, it is a tabletop auto bagging machine that takes the complexity out of hand loading operations and sets up in seconds. Printing information can be adjusted for each bag.

T7™ Proline
Our T7 is specifically designed to package shop towels, bar towels, mop heads, and more. It can sort, grade and package rental and retail textiles on the same system, reducing labor requirements significantly.


MAX 12™ & MAX 20™
Use bags up to 12″ wide and 40″ long with our MAX 12™ &
MAX 20™ automatic bagging systems. Recently updated, they are faster than ever with technology advancements that include HMI, a networkable touchscreen PC running Windows® 7 embedded, plus an Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC.

MAX 24™
Runs bags up to 24″ wide and 30″ long. Technology advancements include remote arm mounted HMI, a networkable touchscreen PC running Windows plus an Allen-Bradley PLC, and a relocatable emergency stop/reset button.