BestPack MSD Manual Side Drive Simple Pack and Seal System

The BestPack™ MSD Simple Pack & Seal System is the cost saving “problem solver” for your carton sealing applications. This system comes with over $1200 worth of accessories and is the perfect machine for companies looking to start or even expand their automation process.

What’s included?

The system includes the MSD which is a Semi-Automatic Uniform Tape Carton Sealer and is our most popular operator-fed adjustable carton sealer. The MSD is a top of the line machine, designed to suit a variety of light-to-heavy duty uniform carton closure applications. Using side belt technology, the MSD will seal very narrow to wide cartons. Dual telescopic masts allow for an extra 4″ carton height extension on the upper assembly.

Long Infeed/Exit Conveyors w/ L-Brackets that are 39.5″ long. It’s a great work platform and allows for staging of cartons on the infeed and the exit.

Locking Casters which are heavy duty allowing the carton sealer to quickly and easily move from location to location.


  • Speed: Up To 40 Cartons/Min.
  • Power Requirements: 110 Volts 60 Hz
  • Air Requirements: None
  • Shipping Weight: 342-490 Lbs.
  • Machine Dimensions” (39.5″) X (32.8″) X (70.3″)
  • Carton Range: (6.0″ – U) X (4.25″ – 20.0″) X (3.5″ – 20.5″)
  • Conveyor Height Adjustment: (23.5″ – 30″)



Additional Information



Box Sizes


Production Rate

Up to 100 boxes/day