Handle-It Model SA-50 Semi-Automatic Orbital Wrap Machine

Semi-automatic orbital wrapper used for bundling product by manually feeding material through the machine and packaging with stretch film. Also known as a horizontal stretch wrapper, this machine is ideal for warehouse and manufacturing use. The model OWM-SA-50 can be used for products like wood molding, flooring, profiles, aluminum bars, pipes, firewood, tubes, blinds, or any other small product needing to be bundled.

  • Standard dual film reel delivery system gives you faster throughput
  • Double automatic film cutting and clamp standard with blade protection
  • Simple speed and film tension adjustment
  • 110v standard plug with a foot pedal control

Product Specifications:

  • 50cm wide opening
  • 4″ wide machine bundling film with 1.5″ core
  • Double reel dispenser head, faster cycle times
  • Infeed & outfeed gravity rollers table with vertical rollers
  • Fast reel changing; no tools required
  • Adjustable film tension with consistent force
  • Safety features built into the cutting system and while changing reels
  • Foot switch control and main control panel with 3 wrapping modes
  • Rotation speed 5-150 RPM
  • 90 psi air required
  • 110v standard plug
  • Machine size 28″ L x 41″ W x 57″ H (basic configuration)



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Loads Per Day

Less than 50