Phoenix PRTL-2150 Semi-Automatic Rotary Arm Pallet Wrapper

Our Most Popular Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper – Cantilevered Frame. This machine concept keeps the load to be wrapped stationary while the stretch film carriage rotates around the load to apply the stretch film. The rotary arm stretch wrapper is the perfect solution in situations where the load is very unstable (very tall, too heavy, too light) or in a wash-down environment.


Capacity: 56 x 56 MAX Pallet Size (80″ Load Diagonal) Largest Capacity in its Class.
Speed: 14 RPM stretch wrapping speed. Fastest in its Class.
Best in Class Wrappingh Flexibility c/w PLC Control provides all features as standard…. Including those not available (or an upcharge) on competitive models.

Complete Wrapping Flexibility Including:

  • 3 Wrapping Cycles: Wrap up, Wrap up/down, Top Cover Pause.
  • Reinforce Wrap and Cycle pause capability.
  • Touchpanel controls of all parameters.

Stretch Film Saving features such as:

  • Separate 1-9 top and bottom wrap count provides up to 15% Savings. Apply only the stretch film required at the top separately from the bottom compared to competitive models that applies a common amount to top & bottom regardless of need.
  • Separate up and down carriage speeds eliminates the time and wasted stretch film applied with competitor’s common speed control. (Up to 10% Savings).

Standard Superior Features

  • Ring Bearing Support and Drive System.
  • Available in (3) mounting configurations – Wall Mount, Floor Mount and Free Standing Gantry.
  • PHOENIX FILM SAV-R LOGIX provides an accurate wrap count and rotational arm home position.
  • Variable Speed Drives control all motors for maximum flexibility.
  • Electronic stretch film tension control with Analog electronic Sensor provides the ultimate in feedback control.
  • NEMA12 control enclosure.
  • Automatic Load Height sensing photoeye is mounted in the stretch film carriage with adjustable track.
  • Warranty period for this stretch wrapping system is 5 years.
  • Guaranteed For Life Prestretch rollers with 245% prestretch ratio as standard.

“Best in Class” Safety features:

  • Film loading Safety Shut-off switch automatically shuts down power during stretch film loading by Operator.
  • Easy Film Loading carriage with double lock door control for guaranteed locking.
  • Mushroom Twist & Pull E-Stop Button.

Stretch Wrapping Options:

  • 30″ Prestretch Carriage for wider stretch film.
  • Surround Fencing.
  • Extended Wrap Height Capacity up to 116″.
  • Extended load diagonal for larger pallet sizes.



Additional Information



Loads Per Day

Less than 50

Load Stability


Equipment Loaded By

Forklift, Pallet Jack

Pallet Weight