Texwrap ST-2602 Intermittent Side Seal Wrapper

The 2602 is Texwrap’s intermittent motion side seal wrapper designed to run larger products at moderate speed. With a capacity of 24” wide and 11.5”tall, the 2602 is versatile enough to accommodate a variety of product sizes and configurations.

The 2602 uses Texwrap’s exclusive Versa Seal side seal to insure consistent, high quality seals across a wide range of film types. The TVS design also controls film tension allowing consistently strong seals to be made using the absolute minimum film width possible saving money on every package.

Flexibility and ease-of-use are hallmarks of Texwrap design. With standard autospacing control, horizontal as well as vertical photoeyes, and the ability to precisely vary the conveyor speeds to relax the film between products, the 2602 can accommodate randomly fed or choke-spaced product and accurately separate them for reliable, consistent packages using the absolute minimum amount of film. The 2602 can also run either flat or centerfolded film.

The operator controls are located on a swivel-mount panel allowing it to easily be accessed from either side of the machine. The instructions are easy to understand, film threading is fast and easy, and, with the scrap winder in a very convenient location, operators are able to run the 2602 at maximum efficiency. With Allen-Bradley controls, AC inverter-duty motors, restricted service-level menus, and auto-tune heaters, the 2602 is as popular with maintenance staffs as it is with the operators.

If your shrink wrap application requires a high level of production performance across a wide variety of product sizes, true 24/7 reliability, maximum product flexibility, and minimum film usage, Texwrap’s model 2602 is the perfect solution.

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Operator Free (Automatic)

Production Rate

Up to 50 packages/minute

Max Package Size

Up to ∞ L x 20"W x 10"H