Toshiba B-E4T1 Thermal Printer

The B-EX series is a premium range of industrial printers for a wide variety of applications with a mid-range price tag, enhanced performance, serviceability and truly green credentials. The B-E4T1 is a high-performance, high volume printer (>4,000 labels). The B-E4T1 offers mission critical reliability with the lowest possible total cost of ownership.


Low Power Consumption
The Toshiba B-EX4 at lower than 9W in stand-by, is the ecological industrial printer that qualifies for an Energy Star program, with a nearly 40 % overall lower power consumption on standby power compared to its predecessor.

Fast & Flexible
With a speed of 14 ips, the B-EX4 boasts a 40% improvement in productivity on the SX range (10 ips). Ethernet and USB 2.0 are standard with options for parallel, serial and wireless LAN. It is fully compatible with the B-SX range, allowing for the swift migration of legacy printers. In addition, advanced processing capabilities facilitate high throughput.

The B-EX range also incorporates a user-replaceable snap-in print head and platen roller, further reducing maintenance costs. The unique intuitive graphical LCD ‘helpdesk’ display improves usability and prompts even the novice user to take immediate corrective action where necessary, keeping user training to a minimum.

Toshiba has packaged the superior design elements of the market-leading B-SX4 into the matt-black B-EX4 to provide customers with a high-end industrial product at a mid-range price. Features include: side opening; double ribbon motor control; automatic center media loading; near-edge or flat print head; optional ribbon save; BCI(Basic Command Interpreter) compatibility.(Toshiba uses Basic Command Language to control the printer’s interface.)

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