Advanced Poly T-200 Automatic Tabletop Bagger

Throw away your hand sealer because Advanced Poly-Packaging’s T-200 Tabletop Bagger/Sealer will dramatically increase production and decrease packaging costs while simplifying the bagging operation.

Package anything from fasteners, electronic components, literature, and manuals, to various foods, jewelry, and craft items!

The T-200 uses our Pre-Opened Bags on Rolls. Simply pull the bag into the loading and sealing position to allow the bag to blow open. Insert the product and press a foot-switch or guard-switch to seal the bag. It’s just that simple and quick!

Special Features:

  • Dwell time and heat controls.
  • Heat/dwell & cool LED’s indicate cycle operation of sealing mechanism.
  • Patented Teflon Shield™ increases Teflon life ten-fold – because the Teflon is only in contact with
    the heating element while sealing, the element stays clean and delivers a long service life.
  • Tilting guard (Guard-switch) cycles machine at the loading area, maximizing output and minimizing operator fatigue.
  • Patented anti-jamming method ensures no attempts are made to seal obstructions in the seal area.
  • Universal funnel attachment is standard allowing the operator to slide product directly into the bag.
  • Adjustable volume air knife filters a continuous stream of clean air with a 4-micron filter.
  • Adjustable load shelf supports the bag and assists the operator to position the bag at the proper seal-point.
  • Quick roll change assembly and easy threading allows operators to replace the roll of bags in less than a minute.



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Advanced Poly


Table Top Bagger

Production Rate

Up to 35 bags/minute

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