AirSpeed 5000 Inflatable Void Fill System

The AirSpeed™ 5000 void fill packaging system is designed for high volume, on-demand packaging situations.  Perfect for when you want to go fast and minimize inventory space requirements!

  • High Speed – Up to 75 feet per minute
  • Easy to Operate – Load and go
  • Portable – No compressed air required
  • Reliable – A real work horse! Delivers high quality cushions each and every time. Minimal wear items
  • Multiple film options available
  • Maximum productivity and ergonomics – Easily integrated with AirSpeed accessories
  • Worry free – Backed by Pregis’ Service Team & 24/7 Tech Service Hotline
  • Pregis films are true to size

Film Options:

  • Commercial Grade Film: Heavy duty performance. Transparent, clean and neat. Recyclable as category #4 (where accepted). Excellent puncture resistance and seal strength.
  • EP-Flex: 20% – 50% less resin content than alternative films – overall source reduction in packaging materials used. Stronger and more durable than competitive films. Excellent tensile strength – stretches whiles other puncture. Engineered for stronger, more resilient seals.
  • EP-Flex Renew: Same high performance as standard EP-Flex film. Includes a natural, organic bio-additive to accelerate breakdown


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