Easypack Quantum Paper Void Fill System


The Easypack® Quantum™ features a unique patented floating-head design which enables the fastest roll loading of any unit on the market. Operators can load a roll of paper in a matter of seconds and virtually eliminate paper jams so there is zero downtime. In fact, the operation is so simple that no training is required allowing new or temporary employees to step in with ease.

paper void fill

The Easypack Quantum gives companies seeking a strong environmental profile with an advantage with the proprietary Renew 100% recycled paper that is tinted green. The Renew™ paper is preferred by operators as the paper is softer on the hands and less abrasive to the products.

Paper options:

  • Quantum Renew: A 30# all recycled content paper that is identified by subtle green tint to promote its environmental appeal. It is softer on the hands, easier to tear and pack with. Option of bulk packed without cartons, cores or other excessive packaging waste to discard
  • Quantum Renew Duty RC: A heavy duty 45# kraft, all recycled content paper option
  • Quantum Standard RC: A standard 30# kraft paper option with up to 100% recycled content
  • Quantum Heavy Duty RC: A heavy duty 45# kraft paper option with up to 100% recycled content


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