AirSpeed HC Versa Inflatable Cushioning System

Pregis puts the Versa in versatility with this new hybrid air cushioning system. With the option to produce a variety of cushion heights and widths on demand or at the fastest speed available on the market, the AirSpeed HC Versa is perfect for operations that package products with varying demand, size and shape.

In the other words, the HC Versa is one system that can virtually do it all – cushioning, wrapping, blocking and bracing and void fill.

  • Maximum Versatility – Multiple film types, cushion heights & widths provide the widest range of use on the market
    • Three cushion heights: Small (3/4”), Medium (1”) and Large (1-1/4”)
    • Three cushion widths: 12”, 18” and 24” inflated
    • Film Options: Performance Plus, Performance, Standard, HC Flex
    • Film formulations: Renew and Anti-Stat
  • Compact – Small footprint for tight spaces
  • Fast – Produces inflated cushions at 75 feet per minute!
  • Compatible with advanced delivery solutions and HC Autoflow for high volume packaging operations
  • Simple and safe to load and operate – one touch operator interface
  • Worry free – Backed by Pregis’ Service Team & 24/7 Tech Service Hotline

HC Film Offering:

  • HC Performance Plus: Barrier film offering the highest air retention properties for heavy loads that require extended storage and shipping cycles.
  • HC Performance: Barrier film designed for light weight shipments that require extended storage and shipping cycles.
  • HC Standard Film: Robust film that is designed to perform across a broad spectrum of packaging requirements. Perfect for heavier shipments with shipping cycles that range up to 10 days. Excellent puncture resistance and seal strength.
  • HC-Flex: Economy grade solution designed for light weight shipments with short shipping cycles.

Special HC Film Formulations:

  • Renew: Includes a natural, organic bio-additive to accelerate the breakdown of the film. Available with a green tint to provide a visual cue for the sustainable properties
  • Anti-Static: Includes an additive to prevent static interference when protecting electronics or other sensitive equipment. Film will have a pink tint to indicate it anti-static properties. HC-Flex: High performance film. Quality, easy-to-tear perforation allows for quicker packing time. No loss of cushioning area due to perforation positioning.

Hybrid Cushioning Material Properties:

  • True Perforations: Sheets are perforated for easy-to-tear, quick packing with no loss of cushioning due to perforations.
  • Excellent Film Memory: Able to retain its shape and protective qualities when folded and manipulated or wrapped.
  • Space Savings: HC film can be converted into the equivalent protection of almost one-and-a-half truckloads of traditional bubble!
  • Great Clarity, Distinctive Pattern: Inflatable packaging system produces an appealing transparent packaging medium with a proprietary square pattern.


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