IntelliPack SmartBAGGER™ Foam-In-Place

IntelliPack’s SmartBAGGER™ is foam-in-bag packaging technology ideal for high-volume, medium to large applications that require protective void fill, blocking and bracing, and cushioning during the shipping and handling process.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy-to-replace sealing wires and edge seal arbors
  • Long lasting mixing module
  • Intuitive control panel
  • Cellular telemetry
  • Bar-coding

SmartBagger with Maxwell

The SmartBagger, with Maxwell “intelligent interface,” takes foam-in-bag technology to a whole new level!  Maxwell empowers users with endless customization options, robust “smart features” and greater packaging process control.

Maxwell features an intuitive touchscreen interface that is easy to navigate and can be personalized to meet diverse customer needs.  And Maxwell’s memory is virtually infinite – a meaningful advantage for users with seemingly unlimited barcodes and a wide variety of products to pack and protect!

Maxwell can also display photos or videos for training or troubleshooting.  In other words, Maxwell takes the guesswork out of the packaging process!


The SmartTrax feature allows operators to easily convert from producing bags to producing SmartTrax cushions. SmartTrax produces foam filled cylinders of various sizes to create bottom pads to help cushion heavy objects or used as end-caps and corner protection to wrap products or fill awkward voids.

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