Interpack RSA 2024-TB Random Semi-Auto Top & Bottom Belt Drive Case Sealer

Interpack’s RSA Series Case Sealers are operator-fed machines that automatically adjust for each size case processed. When manufacturing produces different sized cases to be processed through a single case sealer, an Interpack™ random case sealer is your answer.

This premium drive style captures the case between four moving belts located above and below the case. This provides maximum stability since it applies force to the strongest areas of the case which is in the direction of the fluting of the corrugated. Top and bottom belt drive processes the widest variety of case dimensions although certain narrow widths may be better suited on side drive belts.

Every Interpack™ case sealer comes with a HSD 2000-ET II Tape head with adaptive technology to provide optimal tape application and wipe down to each of the three taped panels of the case.

When you compare features, benefits and value, Interpack™ Case Sealers are the right choice for operators, plant engineers, maintenance and purchasing.

Features & Benefits

  • Automatically adjusts for the widest variety of case sizes
  • Best drive selection for light-weight, unstable and void filled cases
  • Offset taping heads permit processing cases as low as 2h tall
  • Horizontal pneumatic centering side guides with rollers reduces operator fatigue
  • Upper head locks to clear jams and replace tape
  • Secondary E-Stop button
  • Self-tensioning, self-tracking belt drive simplifies belt replacement
  • 1.3 & . HP gear motors allow processing up to 85 lb cases



Additional Information



Box Sizes


Production Rate

Up to 100 boxes/day