Orion Sentry HP

Ready to step up from manual wrapping? The feature-rich Sentry LP & Sentry HP are on a level of their own when it comes to entry-level semi-automatic stretch wrappers. Sentry stretch wrappers utilize Orion’s signature rugged steel construction and durable AC motors and integrate standard features like a load stabilizing 200% powered pre-stretch film carriage — reducing film consumption to about half of manually wrapped loads and helping provide a rapid ROI. Plus, the Sentry LP and HP are equipped with user-friendly features like the IntelleVue touchscreen display to quickly change wrap counts, adjust turntable speed, carriage speed and film tension. Also, the standard is the load height sensing photo-eye and Orion’s unique RevoLogic™ technology, which delivers a precise count of each revolution of the turntable, and stops the turntable in the same position after each cycle.

Standard Features:

  • 200% powered pre-stretch film carriage Helps you save on film costs and give you a superior holding force compared to hand wrapping or mechanical tension wrappers. Or, to elevate the speed and performance further, Orion’s Insta-Thread Carriage provides 260% pre-stretch and the Insta-cut option.
  • IntelleVue HMI Full color, high resolution 7” touchscreen display with a powerful microprocessor to stores recipes, user-manual and more!
  • 3 Year warranty Backs time tested designs and built to give you year after year of dependable, trouble-free operation with steel construction, heavy-duty components, and reliable electronics.
  • 4,000 Pound Weight Capacity on a maintenance-free turntable with 55″ x 55″ x 80″ load capacity (When using optional scale package recommended weight capacity is 3,000 pounds)
  • 12 Revolutions per minute Delivers steady wrapping performance. Upgradeable to an Orion Insta-Thread Carriage with 14 RPM performance.
  • RevoLogic technology Precisely applies the correct number of top and bottom wraps compared to competitive models.



Additional Information



Loads Per Day

Less than 50

Load Stability


Equipment Loaded By


Pallet Weight

Up to 5,000 lbs