Texwrap STB-1809SS Servo Side Seal Wrapper

The 1809SS side seal wrapper is Texwrap’s offering for applications demanding a very fast servo wrapper versatile enough to accommodate a variety of product sizes. The Model 1809SS sealer is built for the most demanding production environments. The 1809 uses “Generation 3” servo technology meaning that it was designed from the ground up to integrate servo technology, PLC control, and the mechanical elements of the machine. The result is one incredibly fast, reliable, and flexible wrapper with minimal moving parts, minimal maintenance requirements and maximum performance.

Flexibility and ease-of-use are hallmarks of Texwrap design. The 1809 series has many built-in features such as programmable cross seal pressure, speed modulation to automatically increase or decrease system speed to follow upstream production, “autospace” to precisely separate randomly-fed products, and a “maximizer” control to automatically bring the entire system to top speed for any given setup. In designing the 1809 series, Texwrap also considered the many different types of upstream feeding systems with which the 1809 might be paired and built in extra capacity making it easy to integrate into almost any application.

If your shrink wrap application requires the highest level of production performance, true 24/7 reliability and maximum flexibility to accommodate a variety of product sizes, the Texwrap Model 1809SS is the perfect solution.

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Operator Free (Automatic)

Production Rate

Up to 50 packages/minute

Max Package Size

Up to ∞ L x 20"W x 10"H