Phoenix PLP-2300 Semi-Automatic Pallet Wrapper

Fully Loaded Stretch Wrapper. Our Top Of The Line stretch wrapping unit. Ultimate stretch wrap machine capability for all applications, 28 Heavy-Duty Table Support Wheels provide up to twice the table support of competitive models. Allen Bradley PLC Control, 5500 lbs Load Weight Capacity with 16 RPM Stretch Wrapping Speed.”

Capacity: 61 x 61 MAX Pallet Size (80″ Load Diagonal) Largest Pallet Wrapper Turntable Capacity in its Class.
Speed: 16 RPM Stretch Wrapping Speed. Fastest in its Class.
Best in Class Wrapping Flexibility c/w Allen Bradley PLC and Switch Control, provides all features as standard…. Including those not available (or an upcharge) on competitive models.

Complete Wrapping Flexibility Including:

  • 3 Wrapping Cycles: Wrap up, Wrap up/down, Top Cover Pause.
  • Reinforce Wrap and Cycle pause capability.
  • Keypad controls of all parameters.
  • Learn more about the Features of our Pushbutton Control Panel

Stretch Film Saving features such as:

  • Separate 1-9 top and bottom wrap count provides up to 15% Savings. Apply only the stretch film required at the top separately from the bottom compared to competitive models that applies a common amount to top & bottom regardless of need.
  • Separate up and down carriage speeds eliminates the time and wasted stretch film applied with competitor’s common speed control. (Up to 10% Savings).

Standard Superior Features:

  • 5,500 lbs. weight capacity turntable c/w 28 Heavy Duty Casters on Welded Supports.
  • Variable Speed Drives control all motors for maximum flexibility.
  • Electronic stretch film tension control with Analog electronic Sensor provides the ultimate in feedback control.
  • Forklift portable from Front of machine.
  • Heavy-Duty structural steel tubing and frame.
  • Steel cross member reinforcement in tower and turntable.
  • 2-7/8″ Turntable Elevation – Competitive models are typically 12″ to 13″.
  • Controls enclosed in tower.
  • Automatic Load Height sensing photoeye is mounted in the stretch film carriage with adjustable track.
  • Guaranteed For Life Prestretch rollers with 245% prestretch ratio as standard.
  • 5 Year Warranty.

“Best in Class” Safety features:

  • Film loading Safety Shut-off switch automatically shuts down power during stretch film loading by Operator.
  • Easy Film Loading carriage with double lock door control for guaranteed locking.
  • Mushroom Twist & Pull E-Stop Button.

Stretch Wrapping Options:

  • Split Base.
  • 30″ Prestretch film carriage for wider stretch film.
  • Scale Packages.
  • Extended Wrap Height Capacity up to 116″.
  • Extended load diagonal for larger pallet sizes.



Additional Information



Loads Per Day

Less than 50

Load Stability


Equipment Loaded By

Forklift, Pallet Jack

Pallet Weight

Up to 5,000 lbs