Sharp Max 24 Continuous Roll Bagging System

Sharp’s E-Z Bags® effortlessly feed through the new MAX 24 machine, are automatically opened, filled with product and then sealed. This entire procedure is completed in just seconds, while the next bag is automatically prepared with the vacuum assist to keep the process moving efficiently.

Technology advancements:

  • Remote arm mounted Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Networkable touchscreen PC running Windows® 7
  • Allen-Bradley Micrologix 1400 PLC
  • Relocatable emergency stop/reset button

Faster, with huge gains in throughput:

  • Easily adjustable seal flattener allows settings to be saved in the HMI
  • Job recall saves all parameters—no need to adjust HMI settings when switching jobs
  • Features a drop shelf for fast and easy bag changeovers
  • Reduced cycle times with the aluminum jaw

Cost savings:

  • No queuing
  • Thermal ribbon usage reduced as much as 90% with simple adjustments
  • Longer lasting constantly heated sealing mechanism
  • Off-the-shelf parts



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Automatic Floor Bagger

Production Rate

Up to 50 bags/minute

Max Bag Width


Max Bag Length