Sharp SX Continuous Roll Bagging System

Sharp’s E-Z Bags® feed through the machine, are labeled or addressed, then opened automatically. Simply insert the product, then the bag is sealed.

Runs bags 2″ to 11” wide and 4″ to 32” long

  • Technology advancements include 4.3” wide color touchscreen with Allen-Bradley Micro850 PLC
  • More efficient printing
    – Prints unique, variable information on the first bag out
    – Can print long and short production runs for a variety of projects
    – 4″ wide print head for a larger print area
    – Ribbon changes are simple, in less than half the time of standard baggers
    – Electronic ribbon out sensor prevents wasted ribbon. The viewing window allows you to see the amount of ribbon remaining on the roll.
  • Easier to use
    – All electric design—just plug in and use the SX™ anywhere
    – Optional adjustable load shelf for easy loading for bulky or heavy products
    – Cross flow fan channels high volume, low pressure ducted air for precise bag opening—no compressed air required
    – Auto-Rol™ tension system maintains consistent web flow, eliminates breakage
    – Clamshell design makes it easier to thread the bags
    – Bag changes are fast, with touchscreen inputs
  • Maintenance is simple
    – Off-the-shelf parts, typically saving over $2,000/year
    – Fewer moving parts for less maintenance
    – Plug and play wired components for easy changing and ordering
    – Teflon tape is easier and less expensive to replace
    – Self diagnostics identify and correct problems quickly
    – On-board PLC means less maintenance

CE version available in Europe


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Table Top Bagger

Production Rate

Up to 35 bags/minute

Max Bag Width


Max Bag Length