Sharp Max-Pro 24 Continuous Roll Bagging System

The MAX-PRO 24 was made to accommodate larger products – using bags up to 36” long, 24” wide, and can handle products up to 10lbs with a 12” pass-through. This bagger was designed for packers, its enhanced safety features and simplified loading process make changeover a breeze. To reduce downtime the MAX-PRO 24 has Maxwell™ Technology with predictive maintenance alerts. And the HMI adjustable pass-through gives this bagger maximum fulfillment speed.

Improve Productivity and Throughput

  • Inline thermal printing with optional label side up exit conveyance
  • Passthrough size adjusts automatically through HMI – 4X faster!
  • Semi-automated and fully automated integrations available

Maxwell Technology

  • Predictive Maintenance – Cutting edge diagnostics monitor individual machine components, notifying technicians of potential problems and allowing replacement parts to be ordered without downtime
  • Access data anywhere – HMI, printer, and PLC can be networked and accessed remotely
  • Use remote label printing, production reporting, and SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) control

Intuitive HMI

  • Networkable HMI responds like a smartphone – faster and with intuitive icon
  • The machine can automatically change the passthrough with the touch of a button
  • Save job settings in HMI for easy access
  • Design and store labels directly on HMI



Additional Information




Automatic Floor Bagger

Production Rate

Up to 50 bags/minute

Max Bag Width


Max Bag Length